Triangle Pendant Banner Custom Personalized

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Design your own banner for your wedding, shower, birthday, graduation, or special event. Customize the banner to your event and personalize it with your own message. Each pendant is backed with a medium weight chipboard in black, white or brown, which makes the banner very sturdy. You have the option to choose up to three inset colors, with 49 colors to choose from. Then choose your message, text font and color. And lastly if you want your message strung onto one banner or two.

CUSTOM OPTIONS: (see photos above) 

  • Background color: choose one (white, brown or black)
  • Text style: choose one (A-F)
  • Text color: choose one (red, blue, navy, yellow, white, black, or brown)
  • Inset color: choose up to 3 colors (#1-49, please list i the order you would like them)
  • Additional Notes:  include anything else you want to specify.  For example if you would prefer the pendants be strung on 2 or 3 strings instead of just one long banner, please specify how you would like them strung.  


ORDER PROCESSING TIME: 5 business days 

This popcorn bar is handmade and made to order so please allow me 5 business for processing time.  As soon as your popcorn bar is ready to ship you will receive a shipping notification.  


If you are having concerns about picking out the colors and need some help or would like to see the actual materials in the colors you have selected, send me a message. I would be happy to help or send some photos of the actual materials side by side so you can see how it will look.

NOTE: light colored text will not show on light colored inset colors, nor will dark on dark. If you have any questions about this, please ask, however I will advise you if the color selections are not appropriate for each other when I receive your order.