Lindsey DeRose I’m Lindsey, event planner, party stylist, designer, and owner of Sweet Lane Events.  I create and design personalized unique parties and events that bring families and friends together to celebrate life’s sweet  moments.  Parties are about celebrating a special life event with friends and family, so let me create a uniquely personalized party for you.  Whether I help you with just the decorations with a Party in a Box or help you organize and design the whole event, I hope to help make the process simple and organized, so you can make sweet memories.

I got started party planning  young, by helping my mom and aunt with family holidays and parties.  My passion and interest for event planning grew, and every year I wanted to do more and more.  For Thanksgiving I started at nine years old folding the napkins, setting the table & making my great aunt’s rolls.  By the time I was in my early twenties I had taken over the lead role and my Aunt comes to assist me (I think she is okay with this, it gives her more time to drink wine).  When I think about it even in Girl Scouts, I loved making decorations for our mother-daughter event or helping plan the menu for our camping trip.  It sounds kind of weird to say out loud, but event planning is a part of who I am.

I’ve been asked by family and friends, how do you do it?  I just do, like breathing, party planning feels very natural to me and I love coming up with themes, menus, and centerpieces.  It is a fun challenge to take a part of person’s personality or a life event and turn it into a tangible space and atmosphere for guests to enjoy.   It doesn’t feel like work for me, well at least most of the time.  When I have 200 burlap flowers to cut and glue, by the 124th is starts to feel like work.  But for the most part I love it and it is truly my passion.

As I mentioned I kind of got my start in event planning with Thanksgiving.  Well if your family is like mine, the Thanksgiving menu has the be the same every single year and I’m not kidding they expect it to be the same!!! So I took my family’s recipes, typed them up added photos and placed them in a binder.  I tried to make it even simpler to repeat every year by adding a grocery list, supplies list and table setting ideas. Now there is still plenty to be done every Thanksgiving, but this book makes the process much less stressful.  I have time to play with the fun stuff like the table setting and I actually have time to play a round of wii bowling with my cousins, sit and visit with my aunts and uncles and even plan out our attack plan for Black Friday.  Now I am still basting the turkey between games and peeling potatoes but I have time to spend with my family and really isn’t that what holidays and parties are all about?

That is my goal, to create a personalized, unique party that allows you to spend time and celebrate with the people that matter most to you.

If you are looking for unique custom decorations for your next party check out my Party in a Box.  All boxes are made to order and can be customized to your specifications, so please contact me to get started.