What is a Popcorn Bar? 

A Popcorn Bar is similar to going to a ice cream parlor, where you can top your ice cream with all kinds of goodies. With a Popcorn Bar you start with basic popcorn and you can add candy, snacks, & seasonings to create your own unique flavor. It's a fun activity & a tasty snack that satisfies both sweet and savory.

Popcorn Bars include all the supplies you need to create a Popcorn Bar. The only thing you have to add is the food. Each Popcorn Bar varies slightly is what is offers but generally they include popcorn baskets, personalized engraved popcorn scoops, topping buckets for candy & snacks, seasoning jars for powdered popcorn flavors and individual popcorn bags for serving.


Is popcorn included in a Popcorn Bar?

Food items are NOT included, only the Popcorn Bar supplies such as popcorn buckets, popcorn scoops, popcorn bags, etc. If you do need some help, check out the Popcorn Bar Tips, for more information about how much popcorn to get and how to use popcorn seasoning flavors. 


I'm not seeing exactly what I am looking for, do you offer custom items?

Yes, yes, & yes, we love to do custom!!! See something in the shop you like but need to tweak it some, click "Add to Quote" on the product page and let us know what you looking for. 

Need something completely different for your party, no problem.  Send us an email with what you need and a photo or two if possible to reference.  We try to accommodate any custom reset, if possible.  We will get back to as quickly as possible with a mock-up and quote.  

Please read the following note regarding custom:

Sweet Lane Events reserves the rights to all custom designs created. This includes photographing, posting to social media, and reselling the design. All designs are the intellectual property of Sweet Lane Events. Should you wish to have sole ownership of a design, a design fee will be charged and you will be given full ownership.


My event date is coming up soon & I to want to make sure I will receive my order in time

If you have a set event date, please message us first to make sure it can be met and we will do our best to accommodate.  


How does my order ship?

Please see our shipping page for all shipping related questions. 


What to expect once I place my order?

Within 24 hours of placing your order, we will confirm we have all the details and any personalization information required.  Please watch for this email within the first 24 hours, because we may a question for you or if not we will confirm all details of the order with you.  

Once all order information is confirmed we will get started on making your order.  Each order is handmade and made to order, so please check our shipping page for current processing times. As soon as your order is ready to ship you will receive a shipping notification with a tracking number.


What to expect from handmade party decorations?

Each item is made by humans with human hands, so there maybe small imperfections, what we like to call character.  However we don't ship anything we wouldn't be proud to use at our party and call our own.  


More questions?

Send us a message  or email us directly at  We love to talk with our customers and answer any questions they may have.  Will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours or sooner.  

We are a small business so we thrive off hearing from you.  Tell us about your upcoming event and what you are celebrating.  If you like our products, leave us a review or email us and let us know how we can improve.